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Area rugs should accent your room. Their colors should enhance the arrangement of your furniture, influence how people travel through your office, and improve the general beauty of your commercial property.
The one challenge with these rugs is that they tend to accumulate dirt and debris. Their vivid colors can be tarnished. They can even become a detractor that makes your otherwise professional rooms seem dingy and unfriendly, which in turn can hurt your business prospects.
That is where Gold Star's professional area rug cleaning services enter the picture. We can safely remove dirt, debris, oil and anything else from your rugs to make them as beautiful as the day you acquired them.
Conquering the Challenges of Area Rug Cleaning
The high level of skill and expertise required to properly clean an area rug is why most people and businesses neglect them. They require the right touch, the proper cleaning chemicals and the right approach to avoid being damaged.

Gold Star conquers the challenges posed by area rug cleaning, because we do the following for each area rug we clean:
• We evaluate the unique needs of the area rug. This means we inspect the thread count, type of fiber used to make the rug, and presence of other factors like dyes. This helps us best formulate how to clean the area rug.
• We inconspicuously test our chosen cleaning methods. While we are generally sure that our cleaning methods are the best due to our volumes of experience with area rugs, we take the time to test an inconspicuous part of the rug. This ensures that any negative side effects are minimized.
• We carefully clean the area rug. Our equipment utilizes cleaning methods designed to be gentle on the rugs we clean, but strong enough to remove any set-in dirt that may reside deep within your rug's fibers.
• We carefully dry your area rug to minimize the effect of moisture. This helps to keep the colors vivid while ensuring that the rug itself stays durable.
• When applicable, we can apply treatments designed to protect your rug from the effects of dirt, wear and other potential hazards.



This comprehensive process allows us to provide you with superior cleaning results.

Delivering Reliable Commercial Area Rug Cleaning

Gold Star specializes in carefully treating area rugs. We take every precaution to ensure that your rug stays beautiful and clean.

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