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Floor maintenance is one of the most important parts of keeping your business impressive and functional. You need clean floors to appear professional, prevent accidents, and ensure that your estate investments stay in tip-top shape.

That's why we offer several methods of carpet cleaning, tile or VCT stripping, waxing, buffing and more. We can perform floor maintenance on everything from carpets to marble lobby floors.

Because different types of carpeting require different methods of cleaning, we offer multiple types of carpet cleaning. Our experience with carpet cleaning allows us to choose the best techniques for the job to ensure a long life and beautiful appearance for your carpeting.

Explore Our Carpet Cleaning Services!

Our carpet cleaning methods include:

  • Carpet Shampooing – We use stable foaming agents with high levels of foam to reduce wetting complications. It includes high lubricity to minimize damage from brushes. It dries to a non-sticky finish that protects the carpet.
  • Dry Cleaning – Detergent, solvent a minimal levels of water are sprinkled into a carpet. The mixture pulls soil and other agents from the carpet fibers. The resultant mixture is then removed via vacuuming.
  • Steam Cleaning – Hot water vapor is soaked into the fibers of the carpet. This water is then removed via a vacuum, which in turn removes the dirt forced out by the water.

To learn more about our carpeting cleaning services, contact us.

Understanding Our Hard Floor Services

We offer comprehensive services designed to maintain and improve the overall quality of your hard floors.




These services include:

  • Tile and VCT Stripping – Stripping is necessary to ensure the restoration of your floor, and that further maintenance will protect your floors adequately.
  • Waxing – Our wax applications help to protect your floors while leaving them beautiful. Minor imperfections can be buffed out after wax has been allowed to fill them.
  • Buffing – Regular buffing of your floors will help them last longer while staying even more beautiful. Minor imperfections, such as scuff marks and scratches, may be buffed out by our services. This will help ensure that your floors look as beautiful as the day they were installed.

Treating Marble Lobby Floors Properly

Marble floors are unique in that they require a different type of treatment to stay beautiful. Acidic cleaners can harm your floors, and aggressive mechanical cleaning can seriously harm them due to the porous nature of marble.

We can keep your marble floors in top condition by utilizing a gentle but effective maintenance approach.



Though the exact method of cleaning your marble floors will differ, our technicians will generally utilize a basic cleaning mixture that utilizes diluted agents and a soft mop to remove residue from your floor. We can then polish your floor utilizing a soft towel or appropriate large-scale solution.

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Don't let your floors deteriorate from neglect or improper cleaning methods. You should rely upon Gold Star's premiere commercial cleaning services to treat your floors right.

Understanding Our Hard Floor Services

We offer comprehensive services designed to maintain and improve the overall quality of your hard floors.

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