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Hard floors require special attention to stay beautiful. They must undergo refinishing to ensure that they look smooth, shine with the surrounding light, and continue to last a considerable amount of time.
If your floor is still in good condition, or you're not ready to completely refinish your floor, then our commercial buffing and polishing service is for you.
We can utilize our expertise to remove light to moderate scratches, make scuff marks disappear, and restore the overall appearance of your hard floors. This can revitalize your entire commercial property, which in turn can make your business even more attractive.
Why Do Floors Need to Be Buffed and Polished?
Hard floors often have a top coat of polymer or plastic that protects them. While this layer seldom fails, it does become pitted and uneven as time progresses.
When this layer undergoes these changes, your floor may appear to lose that sheen that makes it so beautiful.

The best way to restore this is to utilize mechanical buffing combined with polished to ensure a smooth, even finish.
Understanding Our Buffing and Polishing Services
When revitalizing hard floors, buffing and polishing allows us to remove minor imperfections while improving the overall appearance of your floors and adding a measure of protection.
The first step is to buff your floors. We utilize several different types of machines to accomplish this, which in turn allows us to efficiently and effectively smooth the thin top coat of polymer that resides upon most floors.
The imperfections of this layer, which includes any debris like dirt or grime, are removed by the buffing process. Your floor will look better at this point, but it will still lack the refinement that a new floor displays.
The next step is to polish your floor. We use different machines and techniques to accomplish this, as different floors will require different polishing tactics.



Polishing smooths the polymer layer until it can reflect light much like a mirror's surface. It will appear to shine, which in turn makes your floors look like new.
The Gold Star Difference for Your Floors
The reason our customers repeatedly choose our commercial buffing and polishing services for their floors revolves around our attention to detail and our experience working with different types of floors. This allows us to deliver better results that protect and beautify your floors.
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