Stripping and Waxing Raleigh



The first thing most customers will notice about a commercial building is the floor. They will see it upon entering; inspect it while perusing the inside of your property, and take note of it as they walk upon it.

If that floor has dirt, scuff marks or wax buildup, then they may be less than impressed with your business. This easily overlooked quality can even be the thing that breaks important sales.

Let's explore how our services at Gold Star can help ensure your floors are as presentable as possible with our commercial stripping and waxing services.

Removing Messy Buildup from Your Floors

Hard floors tend to accrue a certain amount of dirt, grime, mildew and old wax. This can make them look dull, cause spaces between tiles to look grungy, and hasten the deterioration of your floor.

The worst part is that a messy floor tends to dissuade customers from working with your business, and may hinder the productivity of your employees.



Making Your Floor Look Like New

The next step in revitalizing your floor is waxing it. We utilize the right equipment to buffer out any light scratches and to apply a protective layer of scuff-resistant wax to your floors.

The result is a floor that shines like it was brand new. Minor imperfections are often overlooked by the clean and shiny floor our waxing leaves behind, which in turn can revitalize even the most neglected of floors.

The first step to remedying a neglected floor is to strip it. We utilize the appropriate chemicals and techniques for removing the protective wax layer and any dirt from your floors.

We approach commercial floor stripping by working one section at a time. This ensures that we maximize the quality and completeness of our work while removing as much buildup from your floors as possible.



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