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Bathrooms are considered an essential part of businesses, residential complexes, offices and any other property where people reside. They accommodate the human factor that property owners must take into account.

The problem is that bathrooms tend to be the dirtiest parts of any given property. Mildew, mold, germs, dirt and countless other unspeakable things linger on tiles, toilets, sinks and paper holders.

A dirty bathroom affects your bottom line. At Gold Star, we can help to make sure that bottom line stays clean and friendly.

Keeping Your Bathrooms Clean

“Grungy” shouldn't describe your bathrooms. They're bad for business, and unfriendly for the people who may need to use them.

Our bathroom cleaning services can help to ensure a clean bathroom by:

  • Cleaning Bathroom Appliances and Surfaces – Counters, paper dispensers, paper holders, toilets, urinals, stall walls and doors, floors and anything else that might reside in your bathroom can be cleaned by our employees.
  • Polishing Chrome Items – Nothing makes a bathroom look duller than dull chrome items like pipes, fixtures and receptacles. We can polish these items until they are bright and reflective, which in turn will brighten up your bathrooms.
  • Daily Maintenance – Bathrooms tend to become dirty quickly, which is why Gold Star offers daily maintenance. This allows your bathroom to be cleaner between major cleaning periods.
  • Sanitizing Surfaces – The most important part of our bathroom cleaning is the fact that we sanitize surfaces. This helps to dramatically reduce the number of infectious agents in your bathroom, which reduces the spread of disease and minimizes odor.


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The Importance of Clean Bathrooms

The one thing to take away about your bathroom is that it should remain as clean as possible. Daily maintenance, the right cleaning techniques, and an astute attention to detail will ensure that your bathroom is bright, friendly and safe.

This leads to a better image for your property, which in turn supports your business endeavors.

Our drive to deliver superior service to our customers allows us to deliver bathroom cleaning services that stand above the competition. We pay attention to every detail, crevice and crack in your bathrooms to ensure that no speck of dirt or mildew is left to tarnish them.

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