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General Cleaning for Commercial Properties



A clean business is a business that attracts customers, keeps visitors safe, and deters negative factors like crime by making your property less of a target. The benefit of general cleaning is obvious, but acquiring it can be problematic for businesses.

Gold Star exists to fulfill that need. We are an experienced provider of many types of maintenance services, which includes general cleaning around your property.

Our Commercial General Cleaning Services

The services we offer as part of our general cleaning are varied and designed to fulfill the needs of as many businesses as possible. When coupled with our dedication to provide only the highest in quality maintenance, this allows our business to deliver awe-worthy results.


The general cleaning services we perform include:

  • Pressure Washing – Our employees can clean the exterior of your business using high-pressure water mixed with cleaning agents. This allows us to clean sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, side of single-story buildings and more.
  • Cleaning Common Areas – We specialize in removing trash from common areas like vending machine and picnic areas, which tend to accumulate clutter. We can perform other tasks required to keep these areas attractive and clean.
  • Trash Pick-Up – Random waste tends to be the most problematic of occurrences when it comes to business properties. Our employees can remove bags, cans, cups, and other general trash nuisance from your office park, parking garage and parking lots.
  • Soffit Cleaning – Cobwebs, dust and other nuisances tend to accumulate on soffits. These places can be difficult to clean regularly, which is why our service ensures these areas are maintained.

For more information on the complete services we offer for cleaning, contact us.



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A Clean Property Improves Your Business

Cleanliness can have an astounding impact upon your business. It can make your business more appealing to customers, which improves business. It can even make your grounds safer by giving your property the appearance of constant maintenance.

When you choose to keep your commercial property clean, you derive the greatest value from its natural beauty while ensuring that your property stays in the best condition.

Don't Let Your Property Be Neglected

We understand that your commercial property is your livelihood, which in turn means that you should do everything you can to protect it and maintain it.

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