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Marble and tile floors tend to make for beautiful rooms in commercial buildings. They're durable, mesh well with countless different architectural styles, and potentially safer than other types of floors.

The problem with marble and tile floors is that they don't stand for neglect.

Dirt, germs, oils and residue tracked in by walking traffic can decrease the lifespan of these floors while permanently detracting from their beauty. They can even make these floors slick, which in turn can make them hazards to tread.

Let's examine how Gold Star's marble and tile cleaning services can help improve your floors.

Enhancing Tile Floors

Tile floors are composed of the tiles and the grout used to adhere them to the floor. These components form a tight seal that keeps dirt and other harmful contaminants out, which in turn significantly extend the life of your floors.

These components are, however, often prone to keeping unwanted materials due to their relatively porous nature. As tile and grout ages, they allow for debris to accumulate upon them. This makes them slick to walk upon, makes them less bright, reduces their aesthetic value, and hastens the need to have your tile floors replaced.

Our tile cleaning can reinvigorate your floors. We can utilize the right chemicals and equipment to remove dirt from your floors. We can then apply protective chemicals designed to minimize dirt's ability to adhere to your floors, which in turn protects them and makes them look even more attractive.



Treating Marble Floors with Care

Marble floors can look exceedingly beautiful when they are kept clean. This can foster business, heighten employee motivation, and boost the overall look of your business.

The challenge in cleaning marble floors is that each one is different. Unique cleaning solutions that are just strong enough to remove debris without damaging the floors must be used. Similar reservations must be kept in mind with regards to equipment.

Gold Star excels by utilizing the right type of methods for cleaning marble floors. We utilize basic cleaners to avoid the damage that acids can cause on marble floors. Our equipment uses gentle brushes that won't scratch or mar your floors.

This allows us to rejuvenate your marble floors. We can bring a new life to both your floors and your business as a whole.

Trust the Gold Star Touch for Tile and Marble Cleaning

At Gold Star, we are experts in cleaning your business. Our tile and marble cleaning utilizes top-of-the-line techniques designed to make your floors beautiful while extending their longevity.

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