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The appearance of your office affects everything from the productivity of your employees to the way other businesses perceive you.

This is why a messy or neglected office can impair your business's ability to function.

Gold Star's commercial office cleaning services exist to help your business attain peak performance. Our services are designed to conform with your needs and your schedule, which in turn means that we can effectively serve your needs without creating a greater hindrance.

Services Included in Our Office Cleaning Services

At Gold Star, we have diversified our office cleaning services to create a comprehensive service that fulfills your needs. We will leave your office sparkling and refreshed.

For more information about the specific cleaning office cleaning services we offer, contact us by phone or by using the form on our website.

Our services can:

  • Clean areas that collect dust, such as mini blinds and vent grates.
  • Cleanse regions that tend to collect dirt and other debris, which include the areas beneath desks and spaces between bookshelves and walls.
  • Disinfect surfaces that tend to carry germs and viruses. This can help keep your workplace healthier, happier and more agreeable to the people inside of it.
  • Remove stains form windows to make them bright, shiny and transparent.
  • Repair minor paint damage to walls.
  • Shine floors using a variety of our cleaning services designed for carpets, marble and tile floors.
  • Vacuum areas that tend to collect dander, dust, pollen and other contaminants that can aggravate breathing problems.



Dependable Commercial Office Cleaning
Gold Star excels with our office cleaning for two reasons: we provide reliable customer-oriented results, and we value your trust.
When we perform cleaning, we ensure that we use the right methods and cleaning solutions. This minimizes the wear your property undergoes while ensuring that our cleaning sparkles and protects your property.
We also understand that your office may contain sensitive materials. This is why we value your trust so highly. We work with you to create an effective schedule that doesn't interfere with your business, and we communicate with you if there is ever a problem.

Trust Gold Star for All Your Office Cleaning Needs

Your office needs cleaning to ensure it is both presentable and safe. This facilitates a healthy business, which in turn helps your business remain competitive.

Contact Gold Star using the info below for all your commercial office and general cleaning needs.


You can call us at:

Raleigh, NC: 919-422-8997 or use the convenient contact form on our website to reach the cleaning professionals our clients trust.

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