Office Managers: the Importance of Communicating With Commercial Cleaning Crews

Today, many business office managers and commercial property owners appreciate the importance of learning information about the commercial cleaning industry in order to represent their firms more effectively in contracting for services. Understanding some of the job constraints that cleaning companies encounter usually enhances communications with these businesses.

Key Industry Facts

Some key points about the commercial cleaning industry prove useful. Just consider some significant industry statistics.

1. The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2014, some 2,360,600 people in the United States worked as building cleaners and janitors.

2. The federal government expected the number of jobs in this sector to increase as fast as average during the next decade.

3. Most building cleaners work in offices and retail establishments after other workers have left the premises for the day; they often clean buildings at night, on weekends, or during early morning hours.

4. Since cleaning generally occurs after business hours, cleaning crews often remain largely unnoticed by most office managers and building tenants.

Maintaining Clear Communications

Due to the isolated nature of their work environments, members of building cleaning teams frequently have very little direct daily contact with employees in the buildings they clean. An office manager who wants special attention paid to a particular janitorial issue, such as a recent stain on the carpet or a dusty overhead air vent, should not hesitate to raise this subject with the cleaning company. Similarly, if a potential hazard occurs during the day, such as a plumbing problem or a potential security threat, notifying cleaning personnel in a timely manner remains very important.

Regular communications can help the cleaning team focus on areas in the office of most concern to business customers. By offering polite feedback about the quality of the cleaning, an office manager helps commercial cleaners direct their employees’ attention to the most important factors contributing to customer satisfaction.

A Job Well Done

Similarly, when commercial cleaners perform particularly well, they appreciate receiving occasional messages of positive feedback from satisfied customers. Since many commercial cleaning crews perform their work at night, these employees often don’t hear compliments from delighted business tenants and their customers in person.

Commercial cleaners and their employees really do appreciate favorable reviews from office managers and commercial landlords. Let them know when they perform their jobs well!