Regular Office and Lobby Cleaning May Help Extend the Life of Furnishings

Protecting Business Assets

Businesses that invest in attractive office furnishings usually benefit by hiring a commercial cleaning company to perform regular upholstery and carpet cleaning. These services help keep fabrics clean and freshly-scented, contributing to more pleasant working environments.

Some commercial property owners and office management firms today recognize this fact by retaining the services of cleaning firms to conduct periodic building-wide deep carpet and upholstery cleaning, in addition to regular ongoing building janitorial services. Washing hallway carpeting and extracting dander, dust and other debris from lobby furnishings typically helps make a building’s reception areas far more attractive to visitors. This situation pleases commercial tenants.

The Advantages of Deep Cleaning

Why do upholstered fabrics and carpets benefit from deep cleaning at intervals, as opposed to simply depending upon regular surface vacuuming? Just like residential environments, commercial spaces that receive thorough vacuuming on a regular basis appear cleaner because vacuuming removes dust that settles on the exterior of furnishings. However, a certain percentage of surface dust becomes embedded deep within fibers. This material may withstand the force of regular vacuuming. Pounding feet and the wear of regular use causes this material to sink more deeply into carpeting and upholstery.

Deep cleaning extraction methods remove these difficult-to-access sources of contamination, because cleaners direct more attention to the interior layers of fabrics. Conducted periodically, deep cleaning also helps eliminate lingering odors and deeply ground-in dirt. Both frequent surface vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning provide essential strategies for promoting fresher, cleaner upholstery and carpets.

The Value of Appealing Commercial Space

Nationwide, the value of commercial real estate continues to rise by an estimated 7% annually, according to the firm Ten-X. The company examined the value of business real estate in the United States during the period between April, 2015 and April 2016.

While individual commercial property values vary, of course, the national trend in appreciating business real estate today prompts many management companies and building owners to search for ways to help maintain office buildings, hotels, apartment complexes and other real estate assets in attractive condition. Taking steps to keep carpeting and upholstery in common areas attractive represents a smart strategy for protecting lucrative real estate assets!

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