Why Commercial Landlords Rely on Cleaning Companies

Cleaning services make significant contributions to more comfortable office working environments. Today, individual businesses and commercial landlords often outsource some activities. Hiring specialized cleaning companies usually helps them maintain facilities more cost-effectively.

Important Workplace Contributions

In 2012, John Poole, an OSHA authorized trainer who works as a master registered executive housekeeper, noted that the role of an office janitor or cleaner remains one of the most vital in terms of promoting healthier office environments. The personnel who work for cleaning services complete necessary tasks. Without their assistance, many business owners would need to dedicate additional employee time to housekeeping functions.

Cleaning Benefits

Routine visits by cleaning crews help keep tiled lobbies gleaming, carpets fresh, bathrooms sanitary and waste containers neatly emptied. Some of the office environmental health benefits cleaning services routinely supply include:

  • Sanitizing bathroom fixtures and sink faucets, helping to reduce bacteria in these locations.
  • Removing potential allergens, including dust and pollen, from hallway carpets and office furnishings;
  • Keeping floors clean by mopping away dirt and melting sludge tracked into the building on visitors’ shoes and boots;
  • Helping keep air ducts and vents dust-free, promoting better overall air quality.

Cumulative effects of regular cleaning service visits contribute to more comfortable, sanitary offices. Clean buildings dazzle.

Cleaning Company Safety Programs

Today, many cleaning companies have adopted formal worker safety policies to help minimize the risk of employee on-the-job accidents. Statistics indicate that some of the most common causes of lost work days in the cleaning industry arise from back and shoulder injuries. Additionally, slips and falls and exposure to potentially hazardous cleaning agents pose serious health concerns. Progressive cleaning firms emphasize safety programs that furnish comprehensive employee safety training. These efforts help ensure that cleaning crews employ best safety practices on the job.

Cost-Effective Safety Measures

Commercial landlords and individual businesses typically cannot afford to invest in the same degree of highly specialized training to help their employees perform sporadically assigned cleaning tasks, in addition to their regular job duties. Although the managers of these businesses appreciate clean environments, their employees typically don’t specialize in cleaning.

Cleaning services by contrast focus 100% on janitorial activities. They can implement rigorous safety programs addressing cleaning protocols and individual cleaning agents more cost-effectively.


From a cost-effective, lean management standpoint, hiring a cleaning company often makes sense. Many commercial landlords today rely on these services.