Periodic Upholstery Cleaning as a Commercial Tenant Incentive

A growing number of business managers and commercial property landlords have added regular office upholstery steam cleaning to the list of routine items they consider essential components of office maintenance. Still usually a standard requirement among medical office providers, upholstery cleaning helps a wide variety of attractive businesses maintain stylish ambiance today.

Conserving Dollars

Regular steam cleaning costs far less than replacing expensive upholstered furnishings. It will significantly extend the useful life of most office furniture items. As the cost of high quality office decors has risen, more business people appreciate the virtues of frequent steam cleaning applications.

Of course, business managers expect to order frequent carpet cleaning. By removing coffee spills, food stains and other lingering odors from carpets on a regular basis, landlords help commercial tenants obtain greater utility from their rentals. Effectively managed properties usually receive frequent carpet cleaning, and they often command higher rental rates than cheaper locations.

Odors From Unexpected Sources

Unfortunately, upholstered furnishings in public waiting areas and offices retain odors just as effectively as plush carpeting. Sometimes business managers discover with dismay that odors infuse an area from completely unexpected and even unlikely sources.

For instance, the chance encounter of an employee’s dog with a skunk at home can result in unwelcome odors lingering on clothing and personal belongings, for instance. People residing in a household with a pet sprayed by a skunk unconsciously may adjust to the noxious odor. Most people don’t realize that skunk oils clinging to a pet’s fur coat can come into contact with their personal belongings and clothing and travel with them into distant office environments.

Arranging For Regular Upholstery Cleaning

Arranging for regular upholstery steam cleaning helps insulate commercial landlords and their tenants against this type of unfortunate domestic accident. Since even the trendiest, most fashionable decor won’t detract attention from lingering upholstery odors, offering regular steam cleaning of tenant furnishings can help make business premises more attractive.

Additionally, not only will this policy appeal to most prospective tenants as a rental incentive, it helps protect commercial landlords by ensuring that strong odors contaminating the office space of one tenant won’t inadvertently spread through a building and upset other tenants.

An Attractive Incentive

Savvy commercial landlords and firm business managers contract for regular upholstery steam cleaning. This commercial service ultimately benefits both the landlord and the tenant.